The Title

Just a quick note to those who might wonder how I came up with the record title "Formidable...!" Some recent feedback from listeners thought the title as "pretentious" and self-proclaiming but I can assure you this is not the case. Growing up in a home with 2 french parents whose backgrounds were artistically centered, I often heard the word formidable spoken vehemently by them, (add a heavy french accent and pronounce it a la francais; FORR-MEE-DABLUH) when reacting to an exceptional event/performance that deserved the accolade. Often, during my father's own performances I would remember members of the audience yelling "encroyable!" and "formidable!" as a verbal additive to their applause. This rememberance is how the title came to my mind. It's meant to exact your reaction after you finish listening...happily, it appears to be on-mark.

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